WEEK 2   10/24/21

Beautiful morning in the park for puppy class!! We started out with an abbreviated puppy circle,
someone who will remain nameless had a little accident in the crate on the way to class, so we opted
not to pass the pups in circle!! But we did calm them on their backs and weave through the circle while
the pups sitting ignored (or tried to ignore) the pup weaving through. They did great!! They all had fun in
 the tunnel today. Then on to the concept of foot awareness, the pups jumped over very low jumps,
trying to make it over without touching the jump. After that we moved into some different exercises weaving
through the cones. Pups were passed to different people to learn that it's ok to not be with mom or
dad all the time. We did some beginning work on recalls and incorporated that new skill into a little group heeling.
Lots of work for the young pups but they all did amazing!! Very proud of them and their owners!!


Deus (who did amazing in the tunnel this week!)


Lucky (first tunnel experience and he did great)



Caymus - All 4 off the floor!!

Deus stretching out to go over


Go Lucky Go!!


Willem demonstrates for Suni

C'Mon Landon

Lucky walking nicely with Mom

Pretty Luna

Let's go Suni!!

Caymus and Mom

Deus working nicely

Suni and Caymus switch

Lucky and Luna switch

Deus and Landon switch

Lining up for group work

Deus, Suni, Landon, Luna, Lucky, Caymus