CH Desert Rose' Take A Chanz On Me
5/30/02 ~ 6/4/08

You were the only survivor and the only baby your mother could have.  We definitely were taking a “CHANCE” on you when we took you home from our best friend and mentor, Anita Rose’s house. We took the “CHANCE” when you had the hormone shots as a youngster. We took the “CHANCE” when we entered you in your 1st show.  

I can still remember the day when you took that reserve winners dog from the 9-12 month puppy class at Sierra Vista in May 2003. This was the start of a fun show career to come with you. Taking your 1st three point major at the tender age of 17 months old and beating your father Tigger. You were unbeatable in the show ring and finished your Championship in grand style going Best of Breed over specials for your last points, a 3 point major. I can still remember that day. Everything had to fall into place and be in your favor to get the major and finish. I couldn’t believe it when the judge pointed to us and said “You are my Best of Breed.” I didn’t know how to react. I ran out of the ring and gave Mom a big hug and started to cry. I couldn’t believe that you, a single puppy that had overcome several obstacles, would become my 1st AKC champion and your breeder, Anita Rose's 1st champion also.  You received all your points and finished in the state of Arizona where you were born and raised. Once finished, you loved to go to the dog shows and be shown in the breed ring. You took Best of Breed 3 days in a row at the show circuit in March 2006 and back to back Best of Breeds at the Flagstaff Kennel Club Shows in 2006.

You definitely made people look when we took you out. People would just stare at you and whisper. When people did come approach you, you would lean up against their legs and say “pet me” and love every minute of the attention. You are the definition of what a German Shepherd is.

I never thought I would have the patience to train another dog in obedience, but you made the training so much fun. You were always happy to go out to class and work. You were always wagging your tail and very attentive. I wish I could have taken you into the ring and showed you to your Companion Dog title. You were almost ready and I had planned to take you into the ring when the shows started back up in Arizona, which would have been September 2008 at the Prescott KC shows. I know deep down inside, you would have passed with flying colors and added another title to you name.

Your legacy with continue on through your progeny. We are so thankful to have many of  your kids running around the kennel. Each day I go down to the kennel and see your kids, it reminds me of what a wonderful father you were. You were the best babysitter and loved to play with the little ones.

Thanks for all the wonderful years you were with us. Even though you were a crazy boy at home, you were a gentleman out in public. Rest in peace my boy. I will never forget your face.


Reserve Winners @ 11 months

New Champion